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Disc Golf courses are all over Arkansas and there’s one here in Cabot and it’s located at Cabot Community Pond – 1881 Kerr Station Road.  It’s a 17-hole course right now but will soon be a 18-hole course again (we lost a hole due to the Cabot Dog Park being placed near one of the holes).

If you thought that Disc Golf was about throwing a Frisbee in a ring to win, then you are only partially correct. There is much more to it!  Most people think that the discs are universal and that you only need one to go out and have a fun game with the family.  You’re completely wrong. You don’t throw “Frisbee’s” at the ring.  They are actual disc golf discs with technical names serving different purposes.  There’s a putter, driver and mid-range disc. The driver is used for long distance throwing. The mid-range is similar to an iron in golf. It is used for closer range but more accurate. The putter is for short distances when wanting an accurate throw.  Check out what this game is all about, because it’s quickly becoming a popular and competitive pastime for Arkansans of all ages.