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Welcome to the Cabot Parks and Recreation skills and drills page.  On this page there are many resources that coaches can use in practices or even parents to use at home.  Give these skills and drills a try to help your athlete(s) out.

Home Baseball Drills (clickable)
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Front Elbow Points the WayTwo Point Delivery Drill
Second Baseman PivotHow to catch low throws at first
Hand Position for fieldingCatching Fly Balls
Charging GroundsHow to Bunt
Using a Batting TeeSliding into a Base
Balanced Delivery DrillThe Dish Feed
The Flip Feed       Drop Step for Fly Balls
Catching Drill for Young PlayersHow to track a pitch

Baseball Drills (PDF)

Home Softball Drills (clickable)
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Dry CutsAngle Toss
Outfield StancePitching Drills
Catching Fly BallsHow to Throw a Softball
Throw to an Imaginary BoxWrist Snaps
One Knee ThrowingShuffle Step for Infielders
Gripping a SoftballArms-Only Throwing
Ready Position for FieldingBackhand Fielding for Infielders

Softball Drills (PDF)

Home Volleyball Drills (clickable)
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Basic ServingAttack Basics
Four-spot PassingWall Setting
Attack DrillBasic Passing
Tennis Ball Drill
Lateral Passing
Volleyball Stance
Serve and Sprint
Basic Setting TechniqueSuperman Passing Drill
Double Touch Defensive DrillTummy Touch Passing Drill
Serve Partner DrillBasic Passing Technique
Underhand Serving

Volleyball Drills (PDF)

Home Soccer Drills (clickable)
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 One-Touch PassingReceiving a Pass
Two-Player PassingGoalie Footwork
 Catching Low Balls (Goalie)Two-touch Passing
1 vs 1 DefenseDefensive Footwork
Catching High Balls (Goalie)Cutting Drill
2 vs 1 Passing

Soccer Drills (PDF)

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