This program is very popular with over 650 players rebounding at the gyms around the city. Boys and girls from the Kindergarten through the 12th grade are encouraged to participate.

2019 to 2020 Basketball Information

End of Season Tournament Brackets: (Click on a division below)

1st and 2nd Grade Girls (Final) (PDF)
1st Grade Boys (Final) (PDF) 
2nd Grade Boys (Final) (PDF)
3rd and 4th Grade Girls (Final) (PDF)
3rd Grade Boys (Final) (PDF)
4th Grade Boys (Final) (PDF)
5th and 6th Grade Girls (Final) (PDF)
5th Grade Boys (Final) (PDF)
6th Grade Boys (Final) (PDF)
7th through 9th Grade (Final) (PDF)

Updated February 18th, 2020

Please note that all brackets are subject to change either for game time or day.  Also, team names for each division will be placed on the brackets once the season is complete. Seeding for the tournament is based on what place your team is in the standings and not your team number on the regular season game schedule.

Game Locations

Additional Information

There is a $2 gate fee per day for persons ages 13 to 59 for regular-season games.

For any more information, you may contact us at 501-605-1506.